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Resources Awards and Links to web sites related to Marine Mammals, Dolphin Therapy, Dolphins, Child Development and other Marine Activities.


“Featured site in Lightspan’s StudyWeb® as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers.”




The Swiss Cetacean Society
Non-profit protection of marine mammals
Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute
BDRI engages people worldwide in scientific research and education to contribute to the conservation of bottlenose dolphins, expand the public’s knowledge and concern for our marine environment.
Studio Mare
Remarquable conservation and research site – Projects for the welfare of cetaceans in the MediterraneanPlanet Whale




Dolphins, Therapy and Autism
A very comprehensive anthology of the various aspects of DAT by Michael T. Hyson, Ph.D.
International Dolphin Watch
A very dedicated group who “Helps People Help Dolphins Help People” – Organization founded by Horace Dobbs
The Wonderful World of DR HORACE DOBBS Introducing millions to the enchanting Kingdom of the Dolphins.
Dolphin Love
Dolphin resources and information page of the Body Mind Spirit Directory
Academy of Breath, Sound and Movement
The Academy was created to: teach people how to utilize the dolphin attributes of breath, sound, and movement in their daily lives for improved health.
Dolphin Smiles
Using the essence of the ocean, dolphins and water to heal. Retreats, training.
Voice and Music Healing Kauai –
“Who has the knowledge of sound knows the secret of the universe”




Autism Education Center
Autism help center in Panama City, Florida. Free seminars.The Autism Research Institute
Help for Autistic Children
Dogs, the Arctic, Inuits… and disabled children
Their stories and the passionate efforts of Fran?ois Beiger to share this world with mentally disabled children
Very comprehensive resource site on disabilities – A Key Word Map for the Whole Internet
About Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Today
The Web’s best resource for Autism. Every important book and ASD resource is here to help you. Autism information, latest news and top resources.
Home is Where the Heart is
Provider/caregiver for respite or habilitation of loved ones and children through DDD, private in-home care in Arizona.
KW Adopt a Family
KW Adopt a Family is bringing a memorable holiday experience to 55 families by providing gifts, clothes and food to each of these families in need.
Dolphin Journeys
For deaf and hard of hearing children – Deaf children swim with dolphins.
Mesothelioma Symptoms
Cancer information and facts
College Transition Resources for Students with Disabilities
Our guide walks students with disabilities through their legal rights, where to find assistance on campus
Tardive Dyskinesia and Reglan
Tardive Dyskinesia Center offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on tardive dyskineisa, a movement disorder caused by Reglan and a variety of other prescription medications




The Dolphin Brain Atlas
101 Dolphin questions
Hundreds of pages of answers to the most common dolphin-related questions, lots of gorgeous pictures, and information about all species of dolphins.
Jaap’s Marine Mammal Pages
Very good educational site about marine mammals.
The Dolphin Place
Welcome to the Delphinidae
The Dolphins Site
Strategies For Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science
LES Dolphins – Your online resource for Dolphins!
Alice in Dolphinland Nice site about meeting and learning about wild dolphins
NAUSICA? – French National Sea Experience Centre (Northern France) More than an aquarium, NAUSICA?, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, is a Science Center entirely dedicated to the relationship between Mankind and the Sea. Its goal is to incite the general public to discover and to love the Sea, while raising its awareness on the need for a sustainable management of marine resources.TravelPod– A Guide to Mexican Sea and Wildlife.




Animal Behavior Institute
Accredited online education in animal training & husbandry




Dolphins in captivity
Everything you want to know about free ranging dolphins and dolphins in captivity:
Dolphin Intelligence and the Captivity Issue
By Ken Levasseur
The John C. Lilly Homepage
The man who started it all
Cetacean Nation
Cetacean Nation Website in Hawaii!
This is where you will find many things relating to the human fascination with dolphins, whales, porpoises, and our mutual destiny.
Joan Ocean’s Dolphin Connection
Seminars and much more on the potentials of communication with dolphins and whales.
Actions to save dolphins and whales
SOS Dauphins
Wonderful site working for the freedom of dolphins and other marine mammals
The Dolphin Embassy: The United Nations effort
The Dolphin Embassy seeks recognition of the Cetacean Nation. The 71% of the planet surface that is ocean is inhabited by a superior type of being, with language, culture, self-awareness, and a demonstrated ability to act with benign intelligence and compassion toward all other life: dolphins, whales, and porpoises — The Cetacean Nation.




Isabelle Dupre Photography

Very gifted nature photographer showing the beauty of marine mammals (and more)in the wild
Donald Tipton Photography
World Famous Marine Mammal Photographer. Underwater Images and Videos
Africa Wild Safaris
Join Photographer and Wildlife Biologist/Park Ranger Greg Sweeney on an adventure filled 7 day, 6 night wildlife safari to South Africa in Kruger National Park and private game reserves.
Golden State Images
Natural History Photography of California Including Marine Mammals
Marine mammal art – Great dolphin pictures and whale pictures
Dolphin Collectibles – Hawaiian Gifts/Hawaiian Decor
A native marine mammal found throughout the island chain, they can frequently be seen swimming along side sailing vessels. This Dolphin scene is a work of art.
Dolphin Spirit Jewelry
Offering fine limited edition silver pendants, earrings, etc. – dedicated to dolphins, swimming with dolphins, etc. Site by dolphin enthusiast, who shares his own unusual stories about meetings with dolphins.
Silver Dolphin Jewelry from Dolphin Designs
Handcrafted earrings and necklaces from Maine, for those who love the ocean, dolphins and nature.
Stock Photography at Foto Search
140 top-quality stock graphics publishers at one site! Over two million images available, including photos, clipart pictures, royalty-free illustrations, motion stock video clips, and background clip art imagery. Browsing through Fotosearch is free. No access charges, registration requirements, or usage limits.
Dolphin Pictures
Ginger Art
Where the visible meets the invisible
Article on Capturing Sealife With Underwater Cameras




People. Oceans. Dolphins. – Expert site about dolphin legends and mythology




Baby Swimming – The Gentle Journey
The “whole child” approach to teaching babies how to swim.
Ocean Spot
Dolphin Spot Kid Spot Ocean Spot
A Safe Internet Gateway for Kids… Created and Maintained by Educators
Great article on bioluminescence in sea creatures for kids!
Women, birth and dolphins




Reading strategy, teaching phonics
Help your child learn to read by teaching phonics using a unique reading strategy. A great home learning resource!
Tulip Toys – The No. 1 place for Wooden Toys, Puzzles & Trains
A unique range of educational wooden toys and games. Including wooden puzzles, wooden trains, Thomas the Tank Engine, musical toys and much more. For all ages. Fast Delivery. Based in UK.
Shining Abilities
Shining Abilities provides fun and educational toys for Autistic children. We have brought together the most innovative and effective Autism toys products to save you time, effort and money.
Kids Furniture Farm
Kids wooden furniture at discount prices. Growing selection of affordable kids furniture themed collections, play tables and chairs, toddler beds, toy chests, step stools, kitchen and vanity sets.




Polperro Dolphin Swims
An outstanding example of sustainable Swimming With Wild Dolphins in Port Phillip Bay, Australia
Water Planet Japan
Groups and Dolphin seminars – Trips from Japan to Water Planet in Panama City Beach.
Dolphin Watch
If you can’t make it all the way up to Panama City Beach, Experience the Freedom and Beauty of Dolphins in Key West with Ron Canning’s team: Captain Alma and Captain John.
Dolphin Dhow
Experience dolphins on the Kenya Coast.
Kona Whale Watch
Whale News and Information
Captain Seaweed Charters
Swim in Key West waters where the dolphins play! Encounter the dolphins in their own habitat!
Planet Ocean Charters – Key West Dolphin Swims
Visiting the keys? Plan your adventures with Planet Ocean Charters! Our Dolphin Encounters will be your most memorable experience.
Wild Side Specialty Tours
Oahu, Hawaii’s Wildest Whale, Dolphin and Turtle Encounters, 180? from Ordinary
Whale Watching
Whale Watching Blue Pacific Whale Watching – Incredible whale watching and island exploring adventures… swimming with the whales in Tonga




There She Blows – A History of Whaling
Cool site created by Gabriel for his 6th. grade History Fair.BeachLife Surfshop
Custom surfboards & paddleboards – Paddleboard Yoga classed – Surf lessons & toursFreediver – Patrick Musimu
Take a deep breath, free your mind.. and take “The Ultimate Dive”.Jojo’s web site
Cool dolphin site in Japanese and English




Skydive North Florida
One of the best adventure experience in the Florida panhandle: jumping from a plane at 10,000 feet!Panhandle Helicopter – Taking you to news heights
Provides air tours from Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida. Tours vary depending on the amount of time you would like to spend in the air viewing the “world’s most beautiful beaches” from the best seat on the beach.

Top Things to Do in Panama City Beach




Emerald Coast AudioVisual
AUDIO and VISUAL (AV) equipment and services

30A Rentals
Exclusive Rivard of South Walton Vacation Rentals on 30A.

Destin Rentals
Five Star Beach Properties provides luxury Destin vacation rentals and 30A vacation rentals.
Free guide on paddle boarding in Florida
Panama City Beach vacation home rentals







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