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2 Job Opportunities

1. Water Planet is Hiring a Therapeutic Programs and Interns Coordinator – WE HAVE FILLED THAT POSITION, THANK YOU FOR CHECKING


Applicants must provide proof of a degree in either of the following fields:

  • psychology
  • psychopathology
  • Childlife/recreational therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Other fields related to Child Development

Additional Prerequisites and Qualifying Criteria:

  • Either previous work experience or internship or volunteering with clients presenting problems similar to the Water Planet clientele (autism spectrum, mental deficiency, developmental delays, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and other motor skills impairments, etc.)
  • Or completion of at least a 1-month internship at Water Planet.
  • Proficiency in English. Bilingual English/French or English/Spanish a definite plus.
  • Social skills and group leadership a must
  • Strong swimming skills and stamina; be comfortable in a marine environment and on a boat
  • Enrollment in a Drug Screen Consortium
  • Priority will be given to applicants with a previous Water Planet Internship record

Please send a cover letter, your resume and a recent photo to

Visit our Internship page to learn more about the Internship Program.

Visit our Dolphin Therapy Programs page to learn more about our work with children and dolphins

2. Water Planet is Hiring Captains

This position REQUIRES A minimum Commitment of six MONTHS (March 1st to September 15)

Applicants must be able to document:

  • Minimum of a 6-Pack OUPV Near Coastal USCG Captain’s License
  • Good social skills
  • Experience with boats
  • Solid knowledge of the marine environment in our area
  • Current membership in a USCG approved Random Drug Testing Consortium

Preference will be given to those who have:

  • Previous experience in the dolphin tour industry
  • Knowledge of the Bay of St. Andrews marine ecology
  • Tolerance for long hours of work
  • Scheduling flexibility (long hours in high season.

Please send a cover letter, your resume and a recent photo to

Visit our 1-Day Dolphin Swim Tour to learn more about the dolphin tour you will be running.