ROMEO is a wild dolphin we see every summer, who seems to enjoy the company of humans to their greatest pleasure. Unfortunately, it is often quite difficult for a young dolphin to have so many fans...

The story of ROMEO tells about the adventures he has during one day : some are hilarious, others are sad... But let us follow our young guide for more details... !

Hello! My name is Romeo. I am a Bottlenose dolphin and I am two years old. Scientists use a more complicated name when they talk about me. They call me Tursiops Truncatus.

You may think I am a fish but, in fact, I am a Mammal: I breathe air just like human being (I have lungs), my blood is warm and I nurse my young.

I am a Cetacean, a tooth whale or odontocete. My main food is fish.

I breathe through an orifice called the Blowhole. Unlike humans, my respiration is conscious and voluntary. That means that I have to think to breathe; it is not automatic like it is for you! This is why dolphins die when something frightens them; they are so scared they forget to breathe! It is what happens to dolphins which are caught in fishermen's nets.

What happens when we sleep, then? In fact, we rest only one half of our brain at a time; we don't sleep totally!

I live in the Gulf of Mexico, along a beautiful Island with white sand near Panama City Beach, Florida.

All my family and friends live here. All together, we are a group of about fifty dolphins living in this area. We all look the same, don't we? But if you pay close attention, you will see that we have scars or marks on our body. This is the way you can identify us.

My favorite activity is to Play! I love it! More than that, I'm free to go everywhere in the ocean.


Of course, I never go too far from my group. So that, we can stay in contact with each other permanently, ready to act if one of us needs help.

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