Here are answers to some of the questions we get about Shell Island off of Panama City Beach, Florida. If you want to visit Shell Island, check out our 4 hour dolphin swim tours to Shell Island.

Are there alligators on Shell Island?
We have seen alligators on Shell Island in the water holes deep inside the thicket, where no one goes. Alligators are shy unless you disturb their nest.

Can you swim on Shell Island? 
Yes, you can swim off of the beach on Shell Island.

Can you swim with dolphins at Shell Island? 
We usually swim with the dolphins on the sandbars off of Shell Island. It is one of the favored place for wild dolphins in the Panama City area.

Can you take shells from Shell Island? 
Our dolphin tour boats will stop at Shell Island and give you the opportunity to look for Shells on the beach along Shell Island. You may keep all the empty shells. We let the others go after we look at them. For more on the seashells and other wildlife species of Shell Island, check out our Shell Island Page.

Can you touch wild dolphins in Florida? 
It is illegal to touch wild dolphins in Florida. We will explain the reasons behind the law during each Water Planet dolphin tour briefing.

Can you walk onto Shell Island? 
Yes, there are trails on Shell Island where you can walk at the end of our dolphin tours. Be mindful of bird nesting areas by staying on the trails.

Do you have to wear a wetsuit to swim with dolphins? 
Wet suits are used during our dolphin swim tours when the water is cool from February to April. You do not have to wear one during those months, but it will make your dolphin experience so much more enjoyable. 

Does Shell Island have toilets? 
There are no restrooms on Shell Island. You should use the restrooms at our marina before you go on a Water Planet Dolphin Swim Tour.

How long is the boat ride to Shell Island? 
The boat ride to the Shell Island area where we usually swim with dolphins during the Shell Island 4-Hour Dolphin Swim Tour is about 10 to 15 minutes.

How much does it cost to get to Shell Island? 
The cost of the visit to Shell Island on a Water Planet Dolphin Tour is included in our 4-Hour Dolphin Swim Tour.

Is Shell Island worth the trip? 
The Shell Island experience is well worth it. Shell Island is a state nature preserve with a pristine and unique eco-system.

Is there anything on Shell Island? 
There are so many things to enjoy on Shell Island–from the tiny sandpipers running up and down the wave line along the beach, to the whitetail deer you occasionally see around sunset. The powdered sugar-like sand on the 10-mile long beach running the length of Shell Island will squeak between your toes like powdered snow as you walk on it. All this and more without counting the millions of shells the sand is partly made of. For seashells and wildlife species on Shell Island, check out our Shell Island Page.

Is there electricity at Shell Island? 
There is no electricity on Shell Island. It is undeveloped and uninhabited. You can only access Shell Island by boat.

What are the best months to see dolphins in Florida? 
Dolphins in Florida can be enjoyed year-round. The Water Planet Shell Island Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach are offered March through November. Those who like warmer temperatures will prefer these months.

What beach in Florida has the most dolphins? 
Bottlenose dolphins can be found mainly in coastal areas around Florida. The Emerald Coast and the Bay of St. Andrews are where some of the largest concentrations of wild dolphins can be found in Florida. Shell Island beach is one of our favorite places for swimming with dolphins in Panama City Beach.

What do you wear to encounter a dolphin? 
Be decent for our flipper friends. Wear proper attire, which is a bathing suit, snorkeling goggles, a life vest, and non oil-based natural sunscreen.

What is special about Shell Island? 
Shell Island is a pristine uninhabited barrier island with about 10 miles of white powdered sugar-like sand dunes and beach where you can find beautiful shells and dolphins.

What time of day is best to go to Shell Island? 
All times of day are great on Shell Island. Our tours stop at Shell Island morning and afternoon tour alike. Remember to wear sunscreen.

What time of day is best to see dolphins at Shell Island? 
The best time of day is when the dolphins decide to be at Shell Island. We cannot predict wild dolphins’ behavior but we definitely know that dolphins love to swim on the sandbars off of Shell Island practically every day.

Where can I see dolphins on Shell Island? 
If you are not from the Panama City area, your best bet is to use an experienced outfit like Water Planet for your dolphin viewing experience.

Where is the most common place to see dolphins? 
Shell Island is one of the most common places for dolphins along the Gulf of Mexico. The Water Planet Dolphin Tours will take you there from Panama City Beach. We are at a short distance from the Destin and 30A areas. 

Why do people go to Shell Island? 
People go to Shell Island to relax in an uninhabited, untouched, and pristine place and get away from their stress. They can walk the white sandy beach, look for shells, fish, swim with dolphins, and more.

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