When looking for a dolphin tour in South Walton County, Ft. Walton Beach, Destin, and 30A, you will be surprised to find that the only place and the best place to find a dolphin and snorkeling tour where you will be able to swim with dolphins is in Panama City Beach in Bay County, Florida.

But knowing that is still not enough to have the best dolphin experience. There are so many companies offering dolphin and snorkeling tours or dolphin jet ski tours that it can be a challenge to find the best and most experienced outfit. How to find the best dolphin tour is a very important question.

Pick the best dolphin tour companies based on these criteria:

  • How long have they been in business? Water Planet has been in business since 1995!
  • Read the reviews. Do not look at the number of reviews. These can be artificially generated. Look for reviews with details on the dolphin tour captains, their personality, their degree of knowledge and experience of wild dolphins and of the local marine eco-system.
  • What activities does the dolphin tour offer? Water Planet offers a wide range of activities ranging from swimming with dolphins off of Shell Island to snorkeling around the jetties to view all kinds of tropical fish, an occasional manatee, sea turtle, manta ray or tarpon, and many other species of marine life.
  • How long is the tour — will you have enough time to find the dolphins? The Water Planet USA dolphin tours last 4 hours. Enough time to find the dolphins and to explore Shell Island and look for shells. Wild dolphins are unpredictable. You may find them after 20 minutes or you may have to cruise along the beaches of Shell Island for an hour or more. Most of the other dolphin and snorkeling tours offer two-hour tours. Why should you risk having a very limited time to swim with dolphins?

Generally, you get what you pay for. Snorkeling with wild dolphins is for most people a once in a lifetime experience. If this is on your bucket list, you can plan your Florida vacation carefully and factor in your budget the Water Planet 4-hour Shell Island dolphin swim tour.

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